Only Patriarch Filaret will protect Ukrainian faithful in diaspora

We are told that our transition into the jurisdiction of Constantinople will not change anything in the life of our parishes. But all this is a lie.

<p>About 20 mln Ukrainians outside Ukraine, predominantly Orthodox Christians, don’t belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church anymore, as the Tomos reads.</p> <p>Hierarchs of the UOC of Canada and the UOC of the USA apply to Istanbul on any issue, including the approval of their own statutory documents. The distant future of these Churches is the same as of the recently abolished Paris Archdiocese or the Orthodox Church of Finland which reportedly may face reformatting and liquidation in several years. As confirmed by the recent statements of Archbishop of America Elpidophoros, communities in the diaspora will be transferred to a single center. So, there will be simply no positions for Ukrainian bishops.</p> <p>Then, what rectors will bishops of the Ecumenical Patriarchate appoint for Ukrainian parishes? We already have an example - St. Nicholas Church in Valencia, Spain. Metropolitan Epiphanius left the parishes of the Kyivan Patriarchate in the Diaspora to their own devices. Now, when the congregational peace is broken, and the very community asked to replace the priest, he told Metropolitan Hilarion to deal with the situation. “Then whose parish are we?” – the believers wonder. – “The Ecumenical Patriarchate or the OCU?”</p> <p>Another example of ambivalence is the OCU attitude towards the Orthodox churches of Montenegro and Macedonia. On the one hand, though secretly from the Metropolitan Emmanuel, clergyman of the "unrecognized" Montenegrin Orthodox Church Archimandrite Bojan Bojović was <a href="">admitted</a> to concelebrate Liturgy on May 26. On the other hand, the OCU parish in the Australian city of Newcastle was told <a href="">not to allow</a> clerics of the Macedonian Orthodox Church to serve in the temple.  </p> <p>Patriarch Filaret gave the "Greek party" a chance. But the promises given to the Patriarch have been broken. The Kyivan Patriarchate has lost its status and independence, and no recognition by the Local Churches but for the Phanar has been received.</p> <p>If Ukrainians in diaspora refuse to support Patriarch Filaret, they will betray their patriarch and their own country. In return, they will receive Greek bishops and the only freedom to pay contributions to the Phanar. And taking into account the needs and appetites of the Phanar, the contribution rates will be sky-high.</p>


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